Retailers Embrace Mobile Apps as the New Storefront

Over the past year, the pandemic has dramatically shifted the way businesses do business. Especially during the early days of lockdowns and social distancing, consumer behavior shifted. Less and less time was spent in-store, and more time and money was – and still is – spent online. Convenience and safety have become top priority.

To accommodate consumers’ needs and preferences, retailers have adapted and evolved their approach to ecommerce. Mobile commerce was something many businesses were simply experimenting with, investing in or thinking about before COVID-19. The pandemic definitely was the force that led many retailers to move mobile commerce solutions to the forefront.

Top Priority: App-Based Strategies

App-based strategies have quickly moved into the spotlight. According to research from Criteo, 88{94a118ca39e850cede9c8687bd9d1077643c5dbfdda5e51465d800f542ad06e5} of time spent on mobile devices happens in apps. Data also shows that apps have three times the conversion of the mobile web. Now, retailers are being encouraged …


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