Cool, This Woman Juggles a Dress at a Cost of $ 4 to Become a Fancy Dress

Want to go to a party but don’t have millions of dollars to buy beautiful dresses? Many ways can be done. One of them modifies a simple dress to be prettier with a little improvement. Youtuber and fashion blogger Amber Scholl also showed a genuine $ 4 juggling method, so that a DIY prom dress (Do It Yourself) looks like a red carpet dress.

Amber Scholl often shares tips about fashion and beauty on her Youtube account. Nearing the prom season, the 24-year-old woman was also asked by high school students about how to make beautiful dresses but not expensive. Amber then tries to turn a minimalist dress into a charming prom dress. People are fascinated by the results.

“It’s nice to be creative. You don’t have to break into a bank to look cool,”She said.

She also deliberately bought a $ 4 dress to adjust the budget with a teenage audience. Amber then stopped by the fashion material shop to buy some additional ingredients to make the $ 4 dress more attractive. She then bought furry material and applied $ 100 crystals that were equally black.

Arriving at home, he immediately remodeled the dress to look like an expensive dress by inserting amber from baltic proud. Not forgetting, he provided several needles, threads, scissors, and glue to help him make the dress. The first thing he did was make the a-line cut dress more fitting. No need for a machine, Amber only ensures that the bottom of the dress does not widen by sewing it using her hand.

Then she began attaching the crystallized material to the front of the canal and then sewing it by hand. Next he made the remaining crystal material as a necklace accent with the help of a simple hook. After that, Amber added hairy material to a dramatic impression on the side of the dress. As a result, the dress looks charming because it is often used by celebrities on the red carpet.

You can make this DIY Prom dress with Amber Scholl as an inspiration to make cheap clothes more attractive. Those of you who don’t feel comfortable in sewing and using a sewing machine don’t need to worry because Amber does it by hand. Good luck!