how to design baby frock

how to design baby frock

babies are blessings for every parent. Before they come into the world, there is a list of baby requirements. Like baby toys, baby room decoration and most importantly baby dresses. Girls have a variety of frock designs as compared to baby boys. Many different designed are used in making these dresses. Cloths material is finely chosen. Along with other accessories like shoes and clips caps are chosen precisely with love.

Designing a frock

Frocks have always been the best dress design for every baby girl. These frocks come in every age from a newborn to few months old. But the design should be according to age. Some dresses are designed with bows at the back. Bows give the genuine looks of frocks. With a ribbon tied around the waist. Pearls are used on the neck to create a more beautiful look. Half sleeves go best for baby girls. The frock should not be designed to tight as babies are sensitive that may cause any suffocation. Tightpajamas goes best with the frocks. For newly born a small undergarment is suitable. The frock should be designed is a way that gives the floral look. Floral patterns look gorgeous. other then that plain colors go best too


While going for fashionable designing keep in mind the material of the cloth. It shouldn’t be too stiff. A soft material goes best. Like chiffon or net. White net frocks are particularly chosen for many baby girls as they symbolize with little angels. Some parents wish to design and stitch for their daughters. It’s not that hard. We will make it easy for you. you will need

  • A perfect material cloth
  • Pair of scissors
  • Some ribbons to design
  • Pearls or beads
  • And you should know how stitch clothes and in case you don’t know it’s the best way to start just google it and follow the tutorials on youtube


Light colors are best for girls. Most likely white being the favorite of all. Choose a color like the bright yellow of a lighter shade more like lemon yellow. Pinks make every baby girl look perfect. Try do matching contrasting will also go good. Pink and white combination and light blue and light yellow combination. Go with the same color of shoes and other accessories.


Design according to the occasion. For parties go with decorated with pearls and beads frocks. With a high ponytail. If there is no occasion you can still dress up your baby doll with the simple plain frock. You can also make stylish with a little bow on sleeves. Make half sleeves or sleeveless frocks. Shot frocks look cutter. Long frocks are more considered for little grown-up baby girls. Frocks are easy for babies. Night frocks should also be kept in mind. With soft material and a light frock will make your baby at ease and she will still rock the look no matter it is a night frock after all babies are angles and they will always look cute.