The Waistcoat and the Kurta | Wardrobe Essentials in a Man’s Wardrobe in India Today

Men’s Fashion today is reflective of the various era of fashion through out history. What stand today is a heady mix of contemporary fashion rooted in traditional cuts and textiles. With the Make in India movement in full wing and designers coming back to their roots, men today are exploring their individual styles and aesthetics with design preferences that work for them.

Of all timeless silhouettes to survive the eras, designer waistcoat and Kurta is essentially the best of them all! Pruned and perfected over time, waistcoats and kurtas are the most traditional silhouettes of all times and the perfect pick in a mid-man’s wardrobe in India today.

Both trendy yet dapper waistcoat has become one of the most favoured  garments in menswear for their versatility. Be it for a formal occasion or a casual Sunday brunch, waistcoat fits the bill chameleonic in nature.

The preference of waistcoats and Kurtas over western wear comes from the fashion trend today that favors simplicity over opulence. Revered for their clean and crisp look, these silhouettes are popular today purely for the simplicity of what they stand for! It is a timeless garment and ultra-modern in its appeal. Here are a few pointers of why waistcoats and Kurtas are wardrobe essentials for men in India-

    1. They exude luxury – From royals to our granddads, was it coats and Kurt’s have been reminiscent of an era of dapper men. They exude luxury and resonate with a sophisticated lifestyle and stainable choices; contemporary yet rooted in heritage.
    2. Comfortable yet elegant – Be it for an evening of cocktails and conversations at a party or a routine stroll through amidst nature, Kurt’s and waistcoats come in various textile and style variations that are both comfortable and elegant. These easily transition from day to night and are a combination that can transcend seasons too!
  1. 3.In vogue – Men today are rediscovery luxury with inspirations from the wardrobes of our ancestors. Kurtas for men have been in vogue for as long as it has existed. Redesigned as collarless shirts or rafted in flush handmade textiles from across India to the pristine whites with drape details, this is one garment that surpasses every other silhouette in terms of functionality and utility.